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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Aus - Brand SA - the gold star for education

The Advertiser: Brand SA - the gold star for education [10nov05]
International students--mostly from Asia--are moving to South Australia to take advantage of good schools and a low cost of living. This mirrors in a sense the burgeoning transfer of students from Asia to Australia for university education.

Australia spends a lot of money offering scholarships and creating joint degree programs with students from Asia (esp. Southeast Asia) with Australian universities. This is part of the changing paradigm of cross-border educational access in the developing world.

Almost 2,000 international students undertook courses at South Australian high schools this year - rising from 1800 last year and 1600 in 2003.
* * *
Glenunga International High School student Ji-Yeon Hong moved to Adelaide from Korea three months ago.

She said her parents wanted her to receive not an Australian education, but "an Adelaide education".

"Adelaide's education system is much better than Korea's and my family chose this city in particular," she said. "I'm very happy here."


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