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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Children Have Something to Say

IndiaDaily reports about a project by Plan India to support children making films about issues in their lives.

"The children have used the medium of films to focus on issues affecting their daily life such as education, child marriage, dowry, foeticide, substance abuse, trafficking, HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, sexual exploitation and abuse."

Here's a report regarding the program from last year.

Here's also a link the Plan India's web site.

98% of Moroccan Street Children Addicted to Glue

BBC reports that 98% of Moroccan street children are addicted to sniffing glue. According to the UN, glue sniffing makes children susceptible to tuberculosis and prone to performing acts of prostitution to obtain the drug.

I don't know, that last set of claims from the UN seems shaky. I'm sure that prostitution occurs, but for a tube of glue? Also, it seems interesting that they ignore reporting on the immediate brain damaging effects of glue sniffing.