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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Inflation and the Effect on Cash-Strapped Schools in Zimbabwe

The Inter Press Service News Agency published a report on the cash-strapped situation for schools in Zimbabwe. Inflation is at an annual rate of about 255%, which has lead to the introdution of school fees--when in the 1990s free and compulsory education lead to near UPE and gender parity. The example of the Milton Junior School shows fees being raised 2000% to US$90 per year, in a country where unemployment is above 70% and few of the employed make over US$100 annually.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Scotland Unveils School Reform Package

The Guardian reports that Scotland has released its 12-step school reform package.

It looks like the reform is based more on transparency of performance and data collection for reform than on standards and achievement. Troubled schools will get more money, and successful schools will get recognition and be studied for their policies. There's also talk about curriculum reform--focusing more on literacy and numeracy--but not much detail. They seem very excited, though.


Here are links to a video and the news release from the Scottish Executive.